Thanks to state funding, Texas SUCCESS provides free and unlimited access to Istation Reading for Texas public school students in grades 3 through 8 — both in school and at home!

What is Istation Reading? It's a comprehensive computer-based reading program that maximizes students’ reading fluency, comprehension and retention, and academic success. Computer-adaptive assessments and curriculum present reading and writing in a fun, interactive way that motivates students to participate.

Is Istation Reading correlated to the TEKS? Yes, Istation Reading correlates to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), a set of skills that the State of Texas has determined are essential for each student to learn. Istation provides research-based reading instruction created to align and complement the TEKS for students in PreK-8th grade. Istation integrates explicit, direct and systematic instruction into subject-area content, while focusing on critical skills with in the five key reading areas throughout.

Getting Started Resources

Download Istation's TEKS Correlations

TEKS: 3rd Grade (2MB)

TEKS: 4th Grade (2MB)

TEKS: 5th Grade (2MB)

TEKS: 6th-8th Grade (594KB)

Istation Reading Informational Flyers

District & School Use (118KB)

Home Use (113KB)

System Requirements

Visit our Download and Technical Information Web page for more details on our system requirements and installation information.


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STAAR Connections

Istation and STAAR Connections (705KB)
Istation's written teacher-directed lessons connect to STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards for grades 3-8 in English.

Informational Webinars

See our Informational Webinars page for Day One with Istation Webinars.