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Customized Data Consultation

A Customized Data Consultation will provide a hands-on, interactive experience. Delivered by our certified intervention specialists via Webinar or in person, the sessions take place after one or two assessment periods.

In these consultations, intervention specialists will review system-generated student reports to teach administrators and teachers how to manage and monitor student progress.

Teachers, administrators, and support personnel participate hands-on to:

  • Review student progress using ISIP™, Istation’s Indicators of Progress, reports
  • Review and adjust schedules to maximize student performance
  • Learn to inform instruction based on key measures of reading
  • Use the Priority Report to make data-informed decisions to deliver targeted skill instruction in small groups
  • Learn how to use teacher-directed lessons and supplemental materials to facilitate intervention and instruction
  • Learn how to use individual and class reports for assessment and parent-teacher conferences

Customized instructional sessions are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your implementation and are delivered after Getting Started Training and one or two ISIP administrations have been completed.