Individualized Instruction Makes Every Child Feel Like a Winner

Individualized Instruction

With Istation, teachers have an easy way to track individual student progress based on reliable, untampered data in order to focus on students who need more help.

Based on the student's ISIP™ assessment strengths and weaknesses in phonemic and phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, Istation automatically assesses each student and places him or her on a personal instructional path with the appropriate curriculum.

Each time a student completes a new assessment, the data determines whether the student is ready to progress, needs the built-in reteach lesson, or requires a different intervention such as small-group or individual instruction. Reteach lessons are automatically presented to students who have not mastered a specific skill. They cover the same concept in a different format, which effectively keeps students engaged and motivated.

If students' scores show that they've mastered the necessary skill(s) and are ready to move on, ISIP automatically moves them into the new, optimal curriculum.

When students fail to master required skills, they're included on a Priority Report that flags the specific skill(s) in need of additional instruction. Downloadable teacher lessons are linked to this report, making it easier for teachers to quickly deliver small-group or individual lessons.

Istation takes the teacher guesswork out of determining which areas a student needs additional help on. At the same time, students are able to progress at their own pace, which helps them tackle new concepts more confidently while also protecting their self-esteem within the group.