Data-Driven Reports for More-Informed Instruction Decisions

Data-Driven Results

Thanks to ISIP™, Istation’s Indicators of Progress software, scores from all Istation assessments are simultaneously directed to the Istation report data bank, where the information dynamically populates actionable reports on all aspects of content instruction. No manual data entry or syncing is required.

Istation reports are generated for all assessments — benchmark testing, automatic monthly assessments, and on-demand assessments. These Web-based reports are available immediately and 24/7 — on iPads and other mobile devices as well as computers — enabling teachers and administrators to make better-informed decisions regarding classroom curriculum, individual and group progress, the need for intervention, optimal interventions, recommended Istation Teacher Tools, and next steps. And because ISIP removes the risk of human error, reliable data is assured.

All Istation reports are customizable to meet the specific needs of teachers, administrators, or parents and are available in both English and Spanish. Specific views include single student, classroom, grade level, campus, district, and state.

Istation also offers several continuous progress monitoring quizzes that:

  • continue to place students into their appropriate Istation reading level
  • track each student’s progress in all critical areas being assessed, with complete graphic and contextual analysis
  • show specific skills in which each student struggles, enabling teachers to provide targeted instruction for individual, small-group, or whole-group instruction
  • link directly to the appropriate scripted teacher-directed lessons and other Teacher Tools
  • provide detailed documentation on students' response to interventions

Library of Reports

Istation's Library of Reports includes (but is not limited to):

  • Priority Reports – identify students that demonstrate weaknesses or lack of progress by risk level and skill need
  • Summary Reports – graphically show the number of students in each tier, with overall scores in each critical subject domain, with the ability to change what is shown on the report by demographics and reporting period
  • Skill Growth Reports – show progress made in all skills tested, across all assessment periods, with variable views by student, classroom, tier group, grade level, campus, district, or state
  • Tier Movement Reports – show a monthly comparison of the number of students within each tier

With Istation reports, teachers have relevant information that can help them optimize the potential of each individual student. In addition, they can use aggregated data to align curriculum and interventions to close the achievement gap between students.