Insightful Real-Time Reports


Immediately accessible and available 24/7 through the Web, Istation reports provide thorough, relevant data to confirm student progress, guide proactive learning interventions, and document those interventions more easily. Istation reports are customizable, too — depending on the information needed by teachers, schools, or school districts — and available for parents in both English and Spanish.

With Istation, no manual inputting or calculation of data is required. There are no data hosting fees, and there is no need for additional handheld devices or manual syncing.

Istation’s Reports:

  • provide immediate feedback, including complete graphic and contextual analysis of each student
  • include several reports to explain each student’s reading progress, allowing teachers to place each student into the correct curriculum and intervene when a student needs more help
  • show specific skills in which each student struggles, allowing teachers to provide targeted instruction for individuals or small groups
  • automatically link to the appropriate additional Teacher Tools for further intervention
  • indicate specific student struggles and give teachers guidance on how best to intervene in individual, small-group, or whole-group instruction