Immediate, Reliable, Computer-Adaptive Assessments

ISIP™ Early Reading Assessment

It's no surprise that reading fluency is triggered during a child's earliest years. But how do you pinpoint the capabilities of a rambunctious, easily distracted youngster or — even more challenging — a still-developing toddler?

Istation's ISIP Early Reading assessment* is the key. A computer-adaptive assessment for developing readers from pre-K through 3rd grade blends age-appropriate content with rich, lively animations and characters that draw kids in, engage their interest, and motivate them to participate.

In just 30 short minutes, it can measure an entire class in all critical areas of reading development including:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Alphabetic Knowledge
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency

And, thanks to ISIP™, Istation's Indicators of Progress, the short tests dynamically adjust to every child's individual ability in the five domains — from struggling to advanced — based on each successive response.

It's Comprehensive

Like all Istation assessments (and Istation's three tiers of instruction), ISIP Early Reading aligns with RTI risk level categories. Plus, teachers also have access to hundreds of resources, including directed lessons, complete bibliographies for each lesson, online interactive books, a teacher's manual, a user's guide, and technical support.

It's Accurate

ISIP automatic scoring not only ensures accurate ability assessments by taking the risk of human error out of the equation, it goes beyond mere scoring and identifies the optimal curriculum for every child in each critical reading area.

No other system does this!

It's Fast

Student scores are generated instantly. Comprehensive, customizable reports are immediately available. (And time not spent on manual grading, score analysis, instruction differentiation, and multiple testing leaves teachers with more time to focus on what's really important: teaching!) Unlike other systems that assess only twice per year, the ISIP Early Reading assessment is conducted automatically each month (or on demand, as desired) to measure students' progress over time.

* Istation's ISIP Early Reading and ISIP Advanced Reading assessments are separate products from the Istation Reading curriculum product. The authors of the ISIP assessments are not the authors of the Istation Reading curriculum product.