Istation Animation

Moving pictures? Special effects? With Istation, that's just the beginning!

Istation’s top-notch team of artists, designers, animators, and programmers is led by our Emmy Award-winning Executive Vice President of Creative Services, Dan Kuenster, who earned his stripes working at some of the world’s top animation studios. Together, they surround each lesson with rich, flawless animation that draws kids in, keeps them interested, and inspires more and more accolades with every passing year.

Photo of animation Dan Kuenster, Executive Vice President of Creative Services
Dan Kuenster,
Executive Vice President of Creative Services

But it's more than just fluid visuals. Istation blends beautiful technique with engaging, aspirational characters that transform learning into an achievement that kids want to pursue.

From Bossy R, the Oddballs, and Bookworms to Amelia Chameleon, Paige Turner, Justin Time, and more, Istation characters serve as welcoming friends and respected role models that demonstrate how fun — and empowering — learning can be!