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Istation is a leading developer and publisher of educational software for preK –12 students and educators. Istation’s Internet- and Web-based interactive instructional programs include computer-adaptive assessments and intervention programs in the areas of reading, math, and interdisciplinary studies. Istation is currently used throughout the United States and in several countries.

Istation is seeking a self-motivated individual with gaming and/or animation experience to join our team as an Interactive Production Designer. Interactive Production Designers will combine design and technical knowledge, using an in-house 2-D authoring tool, to create special effects, characters, scenes, and animations for our established educational program. The applicant must have essential technological skills and an artistic eye for detail.

Details of position:

Interactive Production Designers use proprietary authoring software (similar to Unity or Torque 2D) to combine art assets and programming scripts into a single program in order to enable interactivity and navigation through the product content. They also test and adjust the product to fix any technical problems and produce documentation describing the creation, content, and processes of files.

Our products include:

  • computer-based activities and games
  • Websites and cloud-based systems
  • apps on iPad and Android platforms

Typical work activities:

Production projects generally involve bringing together a number of elements into one application to run on a delivery platform that can support a combination of text, sound, and imagery. The mix of media may vary, but each project has a common computer component integrating all the parts.

A high level of user interactivity is often required, so in addition to all the necessary technical work, the ability to understand the needs of the user is also important.

Our Interactive Production Designers specialize in making sure the animation and visual aesthetics of scenes look and feel presentable. Other responsibilities may include adding functionality to interactive scenes as well as working with Quality Assurance to troubleshoot and maintain interactive lessons.

Applicants should have a strong work ethic, time management skills, and the ability to multitask effectively. Strong communications skills are also a must, as designers work with multiple departments.

Tasks generally include:

  • creating content based on storyboards and scripts
  • collaborating with other designers, writers, animators, artists, sound engineers, and programmers
  • authoring files into a single program
  • testing and adjusting content
  • producing finished scenes and presenting them for review and testing
  • observing company policy in terms of producing and archiving product documentation as well as any reports and recommendations
  • refining and upgrading of the product
  • minor scripting for functionality using our proprietary scripting language (a Java derivative)
  • animating assets with direction from the art team

Position requirements:

  • must live in or near Dallas, Texas
  • must have applicable experience with animation, Web design, information design, or digital imaging fundamentals
  • good sense of layout and pacing in a timeline-based environment
  • basic understanding of code logic
  • technological expertise to deliver quality outputs
  • positive attitude
  • leadership skills
  • willingness to take design direction when offered without losing sight of deadlines
  • strong problem-solving ability with a focus on creative, fun, and innovative solutions
  • effective time management and organizational skills
  • ability to collaborate with various teams and departments to ensure understanding and documentation of business requirements and achievement of excellence
  • effective verbal and written communication skills
  • ability to troubleshoot and debug educational interactive lessons
  • knowledge of the software development life cycle: requirements analysis, technical design, implementation, review, testing, and release

Desired software knowledge:

  • Adobe Flash, Adobe Animate, or Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Java experience is a plus but not required

Applying for position:

Please submit a portfolio, preferably viewable online, that displays your strengths in timeline - based animation software.

In all of these tasks, focus on simplicity and thorough design. The design is intentionally open- ended.


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